Combustible Gas Power Generation System

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Combustible Gas

Combustible Gas

Combustible Gas Power Generation System

Composition: generator set, unit auxiliaries, cooling system, power distribution system and gas alarm system.

Function:Combustible gas generator set: is a kind of renewable energy utilization technology and is to transfer household garbage to combustible gas making use of incineration technology through dedusting, decoking, dehydration and cooling, etc. purification process and then acting through gas engine combustion, driving electric generator to transfer heat energy to electric energy. 

Gas system: to guarantee the normal operation of the generator set to realize the protection of the unit and automatic control of gas inlet.

Exhaust system: the high temperature flue gas discharged from the exhaust port into the air passing through the silencer.

Cooling system: is divided into high and low temperature two circulatory systems. High-temperature circulation (also called internal circulation) is mainly to cool engine body, cylinder sleeve and cylinder cover, etc components. The main function of low temperature circulation (also called external circulation) is to cool the lubricating oil of the cooler unit and the high temperature circulating cooling water. The low temperature circulating water is cooled with the cooling tower. 




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