Dry Distillation Pyrolysis Vaporization System

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Pyrolysis Vaporization System

Pyrolysis Vaporization System

Composition: feeding device, dry distillation pyrolysis vaporizing stove, combustible gas storage tank, off-gas treatment system.

Function: After drying seperated combustible, the household garbage enters into dry distillation pyrolysis vaporizing stove through hydraulic feeding; firstly, it enters into the drying section; the dried gabage enters into the dry distillation section, distilling different matters seperately and producing alkanes combustible gas and then enters into the carbonization section, producing carbide; part carbide can burn to generate above 1100℃ CO2 gas and react with C to generate CO gas. This section is gasification section. After vapour enters the fire bed, producing H2 and CO gas, the pyrolysis dry distillation gasification whole process is finished.

Pyrolysis dry distillation gasification is the combustion and reduction under control state. The whole process environment is in anaerobic condition, which can fully contain tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin.




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