Deep buried garbage can

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Deep Buried Trash Can

Deep Buried Trash Can

1.Trash Can Structure


①Small cover ②Big cover ③External barrel ④Inner bin⑤Hinge structure ⑥Water receiver ⑦Lock catch

2.rash Bin Function

①Small cover

Residents only need to open the small cover to throw garbage when using it, needn’t open the big cover;

The small cover is reasonablly designed; the rigidity and strength is beeter and the quality is light, which can meet different people’s application.

②Big cover

When collecting garbage, open the big cover (designed with nitrogen spring to relieve openning force);

The big cover design considers playing the role of beautifying the environment on the one hand;

On the other hand, it can absorb heat quantity to prevent the garbage in the trash from corrosion and smelliness.

③External barrel

Can prevent outside water entering into the garbage trash;

Can reserve redundant dirty water to avoid polluting underground water.

④Inner bin

Storage household garbage.

⑤Hinge structure

Connect inner bin and water receiver

⑥Water receiver

Storage household garbage and dirty water and process concentrately when cleaning.

⑦Lock catch

When the inner bin is lifted, the lock catch is in closed state to prevent garbage in the inner bin from leaking outside;

When the inner bin is in the proper position of the garbage collection truck, the lock catch is opened; transfer the garbage in the inner bin to the car hopper of the collection truck and pour the waste water into the truck.




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