Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment

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Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment Process Technology

Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment Process Technology

Ⅰ. Introduction of Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment Process Technology

Household garbage comprehensive treatment process technology and complete equipment was developped by our company according to our national conditions, which is to change available material in gabage into things of value using comprehensive treatment method scientifically with harmless, resource and reduction as the goal. The project has the features of small investment, short payback time, remarkable economic benefit and social benefit, applying to several types of investment operations. 

Our municipal solid waste has complicated component, so the comprehensive treatment is more perfect than simple treatment; the comprehensive treatment method is the effective measure of utilizing waste and turning waste to valuable things. Resource utilization product has remarkable economic benefit and social benefit. From that the gabage handling charge simply is subsidied by the government to that resource creates income, the government burden is reduced, which is in favor of the industrialization of gabage treatment and realizing sustainable development.

The technology and equipment is constituted by “automatic separation and recycling+making organic fertilizer+making brick+making plastic granules+ combustible dry distillation pyrolysis vaporization power generation+ recycling metal” separation and recycling and resource unitilization two big parts. Separation process applies mechanical sorting, electromagnetic separation, pneumatic separating, gravity separating combined method, comprehensively recycling organic matter (kitchen garbage), inorganic matter (tile, stone, glass, ceramics), waste plastic and metal in gabage, having good municipal solid waste seperation and recycling effect and high resource utilization. 

Gabage through separation treatment can be classified into the following category: 

    Organic matter (kitchen residual)- making organic fertilizer

    Waste plastic- making plastic granules or wood-plastic plate

    Construction waste (tile, stone, glass and ceramic)- standard brick, perforated brick, hollow block and revetment brick.

    Combustible(bamboo, braided fabric and paper products, etc)— retort pyrolysis gasification power generation

Metal recycling utilization

Household garbage comprehensive treatment technology and equipment obtains several national invention patent and utility model patent. The process technology passed provincial and ministerial-level technical achievement authentication. The process technology is leading in domestic. The process technology is applied to establish several household garbage comprehensive treatment plants and the technology is mature and reliable. 


Ⅱ. Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment Goal: “harmlessness, reduction, resource”.


In the process of gabage treatment, treatment of combusted smoke and dust and malodorous gas, sewage treatment, utilization of waste residues, removel or isolation of noise, etc methods are applied to prevent secondary pollution. Bad smell applies ventilation and mist spray treatment. Percolate and waste water is recycled or treated to discharge with standard level. Slag is used for making bricks. Flying ash is sent to dangerous waste landfill site after solidified treatment by dangerous waste. “Three wastes” treatment facility is perfect, realizing discharge with standard level comprehensively, not polluting underground water and air and reaching harless requirement. 

2.Resource utilization

Recycled matters in gabage reach resource utilization through seperation and recycling.

(1)Organic matter aerobic fermentation to make organic fertilizer (or nutrient soil);

(2)Organic matter anaerobic fermentation to make biogas

(3)Waste plastic to make plastic granules;

(4)Combustible retort pyrolysis gasification transfers into combustible gas, which can be used to generate power, bake bricks, batch or supply heating, etc;

(5)Construction waste and slag is used to make brick;

 (6)Metal is recycled through de-ironing separator.


Incineration disposal and resource utilization realizes reduction of gabage treatment.

Ⅲ. Household Garbage Comprehensive Treatment and Resource Utilization Product executed National Standard.

   Gabage comprehensive treatment rate:  100%

   Resource use ratio:  above 90%

   Production waste: no off-factory discharge, recycling use

   Factory bound noise:  reach GB12348-90 Ⅱ class standard

   Harmlessness:   conforms to GB7959-87 standard

   Organic fertilizer heavy metal content: conforms to GB8172-87 standard

   Common concrete small-sized hollow block: conforms to GB8239-1997 standard

   Concrete pavior brick: conforms to JC/T446-2000 standard




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