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Biogas Making System

Biogas Making System

Biogas Making System


Composition: pre-treatment system (crush, mud making, separation), equalization basin blender, screw pump, anaerobic reactor, draining sand pump, biogas residue and biogas slurry temporary storage tank, biogas pre-treatment system gas storage tank.


Function: remove soil sediments in household garbage through organic matter crush and desanding tank separation; after desanding, send to seperation and mud making tank for further crush, slurrying and seperating the impurities and then send to homogeneous adjusting tank for adjusting until the solid content reaches 10% and realize pre-temperature increasing. The adjusted material is input into anaerobic digestion reactor evenly by the screw pump and the feeding mode is sequencing batch type. Anaerobic feeding equipment flowmeter, electrically operated valve and delivery pump, etc. are equipped in the anaerobic system feeding pump room. The reactor is equipped with temperature detection device, omnibearing stereoscopic stirring system and omnibearing stereoscopic temperature increase and heat preservation system, anti-scum scaling system, sand draining and blowdown system, sampling unit, material feeding and discharging system, etc. anaerobic process parameters control necessary device to realize the system is operate efficiently and steadily.