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Organic Matter Fertilizer Making System

Organic Matter Fertilizer Making System

1)Oxidation Fermentation System 

Composition: automatic storage fermentation apparatus, equipped with mobile discharging device, ventilation and oxygen supply apparatus, humidity control device, temperature measurement device, collection and treatment device for the gas generated in the process of fermentation and atomizing and deodorization device, etc.


4有机肥分选系统Organic Fertilizer Sorting System.jpg

Function: through high temperature fermentation, the organic matter pile is controlled within 65~70℃ to meet harmless standard and become thoroughly decomposed. Collect the leachate generated in the process of fermentation for storage and backup use, used as the regulating water in the process of fermentation; control the gas produced in the process of fermentation and carry out biological treatment to discharge with standard level. Automatic feeding, discharging, water transfer, temperature measurement, oxygen supply and fermentation process automation.

2)Organic Fertilizer System

Composition: 1. Post treatment equipment: secondary sorting device, multilevel air separating and deironing device, impurity removal device, heavy metal removel device.


2. Organic fertilizer deep processing equipment: probiotic addition device, drying, burdening, mixing, prilling, cooling and package, etc, device.

5有机颗粒肥系统Organic Granular Fertilizer System.jpg

Function: generating nutrient soil, organic fertilizer and organic fungus manure through decomposition and multi-step separation of material.