​Shanghai cone crusher in the aspect of energy conservation and environmental protection

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Shanghai machinery factory production of cone crusher has the advantages of reliable structure, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, economic use, etc. Shanghai place in Shanghai in the production of the cone crusher of spring insurance system is the overload protection device, can make the foreign body iron through the crushing chamber without damage machine, USES dry oil and water two seal form, make the stone powder and lubricating oil isolation, reliable guarantee. Crushing cavity type ore USES decision, standard applicable to the crusher, medium is suitable for fine grinding, short head type is suitable for coarse crushing. 

At present Cone crusher equipment is our country the strength of ore crusher and a masterpiece of finely equipment, cone crusher is working, the rotation of the electric thoughts through the pulley or coupling, cone crusher, the shaft and cone crusher cone under the forced motion of eccentric set of fixed point for a spin around the week activities.From time to time so that broken cone crushing wall is close and separate solid perfectly on the adjustment of rolling mortar wall, in the name of the ore in the continuing impact crushing cavity, extrusion and winding function and realization of ore crushing. 

Important features of Cone crusher: 

Crushing cavity type: crushing cavity type refers to move between the cone and fixed cone form the geometry of space. The appearance of crushing cavity had a great influence on the function of the whole machine 

Hydraulic system: the machine with hydraulic system is used to adjust the size of the crusher row ore mouth, the hydraulic system can effectively guarantee the insurance operation. When a foreign body in the crushing cavity, automatic hydraulic system can make the moving cone back, after the foreign body eduction, the system to reset the dynamic cone back under the initiative, the new insist on original row ore mouth position continues to work 

Easy to change: the previous breaker replacing broken wall complex, Shanghai place in Shanghai cone crusher neotectonic broken walls with card pin, bolted fixed jacked up the broken wall, crushing wall under fixed is used hydraulic nut fastening, the broken wall opposite don't need to add any filling materials. So changing swiftly, reduces the worker labor intensity 

Seal safety: adopt labyrinth seal installation, instead of the usual use of water seal, dust impurities helplessly into the human body, so as to guarantee the clean of drawing, extending the application of sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing life, makes the machine run reliable 

Adjust saying: this machine USES high voltage displacement sensor, adjust the row ore mouth position was conducted in the operation room. There is only one key, on the operating table have showed that will be able to see the need to adjust the row ore mouth size, very convenient right. 

Shanghai longyang machinery factory is a set research and development, production, sales as one of the future technology, high level, high-quality modern mining equipment company, to provide customers with the best quality, the most satisfied products and service. Shanghai place in Shanghai energy-saving cone crusher machinery factory since its advent, by using the customer high praise, at the same time as the machine using the enterprise to realize the economic benefits.