Low carbon development promote the rapid growth of mining machinery

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At present, our government has been keen to see the importance for the development of new energy industry and its major development trend. Vice premier li keqiang said during a recent speech, pointed out that the new energy industry is expecting new economic growth point, is also a new round of international strategic high ground. The current international financial crisis has brought opportunities for new energy industry, with the development of new energy for the important measures, to enterprises as the main body, strengthen policy leading, promoting wind energy, solar energy, hydropower and the development of new energy vehicles, accelerate the reform of energy, minimize the native resources consumption, minimize pollution and waste emissions, eventually to achieve zero emissions, and promote China's energy structure and industry structure adjustment.

The first is the use of renewable energy power structure adjustment. According to the plan, by 2020, China's total installed capacity of renewable energy will account for 15% of national total power capacity. At the appointed time, the growth of nuclear power will have 4 times the left and right sides, solar and wind power will have 50% increase. At present, the photovoltaic battery manufacturing level has a leading position in the world, the department of housing and urban-rural development, ministry of finance and other ministries of photovoltaic power generation support policy has also determine the wind power cost has dropped to 0.5 yuan, and continue to reduce the space, industry profit is higher. In addition, the clean coal have a very good development prospect.

The second is the improvement of transmission link. Should consider the whole grid for wind power, hydropower, solar and other renewable energy access. Although can't step in the transformation for the superconducting power grid, but in the aspect of intelligent power grid can be ShuWang one pilot. A supergrid If become a reality in China, the motivation system of our country and improve the strength of a country, have a significant effect. At present, the southern power grid is trying to put the commercial operation of high temperature superconducting cable, our country has started the preparation.

The third is the "building energy efficiency, transportation energy conservation areas. The existing 50 billion square meters of urban and rural construction in our country, building energy consumption of greenhouse gas emissions accounts for one-third of the emissions of greenhouse gases, and urban air conditioning system energy consumption accounts for 50% of the total building energy consumption. If I can in some more developed cities in China to start the zero-emission building plan, the market will be very big. At present, hybrid and electric vehicles, electric vehicles, fuel cell cars, such as research and development work continues on, may be first to make a breakthrough in the hybrid cars in China. Although we are in the battery and charging system, measuring control system of energy conversion, etc also relatively lags behind, but it also pregnant with enormous business opportunities.

Carbon emissions will keep up with the trend of the low carbon energy development into a new evaluation system, the enterprise and even national power is to reorder.