Construction waste turns into a new environmental protection building materials widely used

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    As the urban village relocation and old city reconstruction, each year a large number of construction waste. These construction waste what to do, is not only a problem in front of city, is also of concern to all citizens. The traditional method of construction waste disposal is buried or piled up, but it is not scientific measures for the processing of not only occupy the land, also pollute the environment, and even destroy the surface water and groundwater. On the market have a machine to get rid of the construction waste? The answer is yes. Processing of construction waste technology more mature abroad, but our country is still in its infancy, technology is also increasingly mature.

    Shanghai machinery factory for a large number of construction waste after the research and development of a series of construction waste treatment facilities. Is now in Shanghai, hubei, hunan, shenzhen, Beijing and other domestic cities successful application. And hot sale abroad, by the general customers the consistent high praise. Construction waste reuse again after recovery treatment, to protect the natural resources, and can reduce the environmental impact of construction waste. Throughout the construction waste utilization in the world a better usage of the country, the construction waste recycling can be roughly divided into three levels: (1) the low use, such as general backfilling (2) the intermediate use, such as used as a building or road base material (except building foundation) (3) advanced use, such as as weight aggregate concrete used for building structures (such as block), cement road surface, manufacturing, etc.

     The countries in the world today the construction waste recycling utilization, the utilization of developed countries is higher, utilization rate is low or no use in developing countries. Shanghai place in Shanghai machinery research and development of the construction waste treatment equipment, through the brick making machine, also can be made into new environmental protection building materials, such as the kerb brick, color brick, grass planting brick, permeable brick, tooth permeable road brick, hollow brick, solid brick of 15 kinds of new type of green brick. By the relevant department test, the brick, the compressive strength of more than 11 million mpa has good anti seepage features, and brick e. 50% higher than the standards of insulation coefficient, heat preservation performance is higher than sintered brick, 30% higher than the compressive strength of sintered brick, capacity, thermal performance indicators are better than ordinary clay brick.

     Mobile construction waste treatment system with a small portable, dust, low noise, less land and so on four big characteristics. Urban villages, although now many domestic city demolition are piled up on the site of construction waste, but using this kind of machine the standardization of crushing, screening system can quickly turn construction waste into useful material, directly used in construction building materials industry, directly after crushing sand can serve as a good brick production of raw materials. This avoids the brickyard mountain, river and other places for raw materials, effectively reduces the natural resources, and reduce the cost of trash pickup link directly.