Crusher industry will do environmental protection planning in the future

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    In the 13th five-year plan has made it clear that the future environmental section will be the theme of the development for the future. And develop a series of planning, to severely punish the engineering machinery industry, support for related to environmental protection, energy conservation and related enterprise and product structure adjustment. But also in order to make a series of measures to promote the enterprise to know and to realize the importance of environmental protection and energy saving. Easier for enterprises to the later research and development of related industry development and related products.

    As crusher industry, has been impressed people are relatively heavy heavy industrial image, and environmental protection and energy saving seems not relevant, even is a maker of environmental pollution, but because of the push of the policy and implementation, combined with the environmental protection is the hot topic of global concern, so it is received the attention of the crusher industry, so many enterprises also integrated their own products, to vigorously support the research and development of new products. Which are more deadly in the industry of environmental protection product broken equipment should belongs to the mobile crushing plant, he is a new kind of form can move the crushing plant, customers can according to your needs any combination, the most important characteristic is that it can timely and effective treatment has always been very headache of construction waste, it can effectively broken many times, I will waste into building materials. Form the resource can be easy to use. While the rest of the crusher equipment will also adjust the product structure in the direction of the energy conservation and environmental protection, improve the efficiency of production. Corresponding the country put forward the corresponding policy, the first model for mining machinery industry, especially in order to have a piece of the sky is blue and the future. Facts proved that adhere to the national policy, also rely on the power of science and technology change life, so you want to make it earlier for the future development put forward effective reliable advice, as soon as possible to make a plan for the future.