The green environmental protection effect of crusher on mining industry

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China since entering twenty-first Century has a rapid economic development. The demolition of existing homes, new houses built. Building on the need for a large number of sand and gravel aggregate, so the crusher is put on the agenda, become the main production of sand and gravel aggregate equipment. In recent years, with the continuous strengthening of the construction, in the mechanical industry as a whole, the crushing machinery industry presents a good momentum of development.

Period, the greater the need for breaking machine. China's crusher will usher in the great development opportunities, mainly in three aspects:

1, China granite crusher crushing machinery market has become the focus of attention of international equipment manufacturers, due to broken mechanical update relatively fast, especially small crushing machine, for crushing machine development provides a strong driving force.

2, infrastructure construction has become one of the primary tasks, in the process of infrastructure construction will produce a lot of construction waste. China's old city is too much, so now the country more and more large.

3, the national policy of the western development, the pace of infrastructure construction, will drive the crushing machinery industry to flourish.

Mineral resources are the material basis of economic and social development, more than 95% of the industrial and agricultural raw materials come from mineral resources. Since entering in twenty-first Century, the global demand for mineral products, prices continue to rise, the exploration and investment even higher, the rapid development of mining. The mining industry investment growth momentum strong, driven by the mining equipment demand increased year by year. Therefore, mine equipment is be above suspicion doubt in the next few years of development, many countries and businesses are optimistic about the market.

At this time, coincided with the international environment problem attaches great importance to the period, climate change and energy, environmental protection, low carbon economic become current international eager to discuss issues. An industry source pointed out: energy saving, environmental protection products is the future of the medicine to deal with risks.

In view of environmental protection and energy saving products, slag processing and iron and steel processing equipment will be the future of the two potential market. Slag is blast furnace ironmaking, steelmaking process in production of the inevitable outcome, such as each smelting a ton of steel generates approximately 12-14% of the steel slag, the utilization of steel slag rate of about 10%. Most of the waste of steel slag caused by waste of metal and steel slag. Therefore, the development of the crushing and grinding equipment of the diamond slag has a good development prospect, will directly promote the recycling of slag resources.

Secondly, scrap iron and steel for iron and steel production, the only alternative to iron ore raw materials. China's current scrap recycling utilization rate of 19.9%, far below the world average of 48.3%. Foreign scrap processing industry development trend is to scrap crushing and separation processing as a leader, the utilization of environmental protection, mechanical and electrical integration of high technology, research and development of new iron and steel scrap processing technology, forming new environmentally friendly high-tech industries and new economic growth point.

At present, our country engaged in the production of mining equipment company has thousands of home, but because of the backwardness of the overall technological level, in the production process, energy utilization rate is too low, big waste of mineral resources, resulting in the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment. Therefore, scientific and technological innovation is a new direction of mining equipment companies, research and development of green, environmental protection, efficient equipment more in line with the trend of the economic development of our country.