Advocate energy saving and environmental protection

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Advocate energy conservation and environmental protection, first of all to reduce the understanding of our daily life in the end the energy consumption in where? Where is the pollution? Aiming at the main problems, improve the efficiency of energy saving and environmental protection. In terms of energy waste, the family occupies a large proportion of.

Many TV at the same time; a plurality of computer and television; did not see when not cut off the power supply in the standby state for a long time; dozens of watt incandescent lamp and open several; voice activated lights sensor is broken, the lights lit day and night; drinking water machine 24 hours of operation;

some households with several kilowatts of winter heating the electric eyes unblinking; open the faucet rushing to a place that is several minutes, until the water out, slowly wash...... Bit by bit, it seems insignificant. But it is this bit by bit, so that the residential area of energy waste is quite prominent. Check our behavior, the common sense of waste, in the life of a waste of valuable energy in the family life is too much. Habits become natural, and there are a lot of waste is a long time to develop the habit of people, but also used to be used, so in terms of energy savings to save much. However, in real life, we have to get rid of those careless waste of "habit", is actually very simple, only need to lift a finger. Good living and working conditions are the conditions for the survival of our human beings, to protect the environment is to protect our own. In the face of the increasingly worsening of the earth's ecological environment and the increasing shortage of resources, we should be aware of the fact that saving the earth, protecting the environment and saving energy is our common responsibility.

The family of energy saving and environmental protection and our lives, but it's easy to do, energy saving and environmental protection work of the family, not only saves resources, but also save some expenditure for the family, shoot two hawks with one arrow.

So we make the initiative: A, from electricity, save every kilowatt hour of electricity, prevent pollution of household appliances.

Every family should strive to do the following: A, the incandescent lamp to the fourth generation LED green light source, in the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of the incandescent lamp, but life is 50 times the incandescent lamp. B, to use chlorine free green appliances and solar electrical appliances series, such as: the use of solar power generators, solar cookers, solar lights, solar cap, solar flashlight, solar dryers, solar water heaters, floor heating systems, both energy conservation and environmental protection, convenient and safe, can contribute to energy saving and environmental protection work of the country, and family to guide the green is the new trend of life. C, buy air conditioning to consider the size of the most suitable for the size of the horse.

And the air conditioning temperature in summer is set in 2628 C. D, refrigerator storage of food should not be too full, between the refrigerator and food and between the food and the tank wall should be kept between 100mm above the gap. This is more than close to the wall can be energy saving every day 20%. E, the power consumption of the washing machine depends on the length of time, the general synthetic fibers and wool fabric washing for 3 to 4 minutes, washed cotton fabric 6 to 8 minutes, very dirty clothes washing 10 ~ 12 minutes. F, TV do not open very bright, the volume should not be too large, because each increase of 1 Watt Audio Power, it is to increase the power consumption of 3 to 4 watts. G, the use of electric cooker ahead of the best rice, cooking with warm water or hot water, thus saving 30%. H, electric cooker immediately after pull the plug, when the temperature dropped to 70 degrees Celsius, it will automatically intermittent electricity, not only electricity will shorten the service life.

I, as long as the ordinary glass window with a special energy-saving film, indoor temperature at least 3 degrees Celsius, if the sun is more intense, the temperature will be further pulled, energy saving effect is more obvious. According to reports, the use of this energy saving film, not only can filter ultraviolet, energy efficiency reached 30%, and the use of a period of up to 20 years. Two, the whole family to mobilize, to strengthen environmental protection and energy saving ideas. First, parents should set an example to the children. Parents are the first teachers of their children. Because the child's plasticity, strong imitative, parents can influence children's every word and action. Therefore, parents must firmly establish the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, and constantly improve their own quality, and consciously to achieve environmental protection and energy saving begin from me, start from the daily affairs, the energy conservation permeate all aspects of family life, for the children to make good in energy saving and environmental protection. Secondly, efforts to cultivate children's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection. Parents can use the weekends and holidays, and brought the child to some scenic spots to experience the beautiful environment, and then brought the child to place a number of serious environmental pollution, let them see garbage everywhere, open sewers of the scene. Through this comparison, let the children feel the harm of environmental pollution. Finally, to create a good environment for the children to create a good environment for energy conservation.

In daily life, parents should put environmental awareness into action, let the children in a subtle form of good environmental habits. Such as shopping, pay attention to the choice of pollution-free green products; from their own, do a good job of family health, and strive to create a clean living environment. In this way, children through education, on the one hand to strengthen the awareness of energy saving and environmental protection of parents themselves, on the other hand, it reduces the expenses of the family, but also contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection work in China, but the so-called "advantages is infinite".

Use cleanser, try to use soap, don't let the water pollution, constantly remind ourselves, to protect water is to protect life! Save every piece of paper, use recycled paper and save paper to protect the forest resources. Efforts to reduce paper consumption