Exploration on the feasibility of environmental protection

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Environmental protection is the theory and method of environmental science, to coordinate the relationship between human and the environment, to solve all kinds of problems, to protect and improve the environment of all human activities. The scientific and technological measures, rational use of natural resources, prevent environmental pollution and destruction, in order to maintain and develop ecological balance, to ensure the development of human society, the protection contains at least three levels of meaning: the protection of the natural environment of human habitat;

The protection of living environment; the protection of the earth's life. (a) to improve local environmental protection laws and regulations system firmly, to provide a legal basis for environmental protection and support for example, for the prevention and control of industrial production emissions of "three wastes" (waste water, waste gas and waste residue), dust, radioactive substances, dust, sewage and garbage, in addition to encourage enterprises to adopt environmental protection measures, for the high energy consuming enterprises encourage the installation of energy-saving facilities, also must be improved in accordance with the laws of the market under the condition of the destruction of the environment and the "price", the strict implementation of environmental protection laws and regulations and a series of environmental assessment, assessment, supervision and punishment

System, using the law to protect the social productive forces, promoting the transformation of economic growth mode and the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development. Really put the prevention and control of pollution and environmental protection into the orbit of the rule of law. In addition, the cultivation of corporate social responsibility is also very important. (two) to develop new concept of environmental protection of citizens, from children, to strengthen environmental protection publicity and education on environmental protection laws and regulations to solve the problem includes two aspects: one is to protect and improve the quality of the environment, the protection of human health, to prevent the body variation and degradation in the environment; two is the rational use of natural resources, reduce or eliminate the harmful substances into the environment, in order to facilitate the activities of human life. The 3.22 day is earth day, there are a variety of methods to try to win everyone's attention to environmental protection, of course, the children as the next generation of the motherland, as the successors of the future of the motherland, to develop their good environmental protection cultivation is important for the long-term development of the motherland. And Legal Publicity Department, the environmental protection of the relevant laws and regulations into the whole society of publicity and education system, as the popularity of the law of citizens

The important content of common sense, and incorporated into the Prussian examination. Two is to establish the environment and the development of integrated decision-making education and training system. (three) do not throw garbage recycling recycled in the garbage, about 50% of biological organisms, about 30% - 40% could be recycled, "treasure" obtained here is not only the economic value, harvest more is to cultivate the good citizen's environmental awareness, it is priceless. Garbage classification to reduce the cost of processing, and create a good social atmosphere. Four, environmental protection trends and future prospects of environmental protection is a long way to go, in addition to the people involved, some official or private institutions in the role of leading environmental protection is irreplaceable. In the future environmental protection process, the environmental protection agency will be more perfect, more and more people will participate in the contribution of their own light and heat. Perfect the relevant environmental protection agency of China Environment Federation (All-China Environment Federation English, abbreviated as ACEF) by the national social organization, people enthusiastic environmental protection enterprises and institutions, non-profit, voluntary organisations. China Environment Federation aims to focus on the implementation of the strategy of sustainable development, focus on the realization of national environment and development goals, focus on maintaining the public and social environmental rights and interests, fully embodies the Chinese Environmental Protection Association, the large environment, combined with "the organizational advantages, between government and society play a role of bridge and link, promote China the development of the environment, promote the progress of the cause of the human environment. In protecting the environment, the purpose of legislation is not only to remind people to protect the environment, it is more important to show our commitment to environmental protection on the road. Under the new situation today, people advocate special period, environmental protection is not just a slogan, she needs us to every citizen of the earth really take practical action to participate in, to save our homes to pay their own youth and passion, only in this way can we afford to raise our earth mother