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Talent concept: a group of people, the same thought, and then to be successful.

This culture: everyone can become, Longyang environmental protection fully respect each employee's main body status, through their own efforts, can become available to the company. One stage, environmental Longyang provides development space to display their talent and occupation stage for each employee, as long as do due diligence, you will have to show their stage of life.

In order to:

Environmental protection project special distribution (agent) business recruitment

Friends from all walks of life:

Shanghai Longyang Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. is a solid waste environmental technology research and development, production of environmental protection equipment, solid waste treatment project investment based environmental protection company, the company is located in the beautiful city of Shanghai Lingang Industrial area. Due to business development needs, the company decided to recruit environmental protection project to the country's special distribution (agent) business, to jointly develop the comprehensive treatment of domestic waste market, to join hands to create our own wealth.

Recruitment requirements:

1. Companies or individuals with a rich background in the relationship between government and government.

2, love the cause of environmental protection, especially in the field of solid waste integrated processing with a certain degree of concentration and familiarity.

3, with its own marketing team of companies or individuals preferred.

Market object:

Municipal solid waste comprehensive treatment project for the country's 2864 county-level cities, direct negotiations for the local government, the amount of daily garbage generated between 200 tons - 500 tons.

Longyang policy:

1, review of qualified companies or individuals, signed the "project contract" and the agent of Longyang environmental protection company, and get the certificate of authorization and authorization bronze.

2, according to the distribution of environmental protection "Longyang (Agency) business marketing policy" and the implementation of the contract, a single project success after landing, distribution (Acting) taking according to Longyang environmental policy to obtain the corresponding commission.

3, provincial (agent) shall be submitted to the project's total company, the company will send someone to job training and guidance, provide solutions and on-the-spot investigation work.